Welcome to Be Do Have TV, the first Life Coaching Television channel that will help you with every aspect of your life.
The life coaching programs will help you to identify your goal, encourage you to take action and assist you on implementing changes so that you, can live your dream.  
Programs include: Life coaching sessions to help you achieve you goal, Life changing stories to motivate and inspire you and Guided Meditations to assist you in finding the answers.
All programs include actual exercises to help you overcome your challenges; help you to understand the importance of positive beliefs, assist you to commit to action plan. You will find life coaching sessions fun. Each session is followed by an inspirational video with scenery from Hawaii.
There are number of programs available free of charge on this internet TV, all you need to do is register, and registration is free of charge. Our programs are also available daily on SKY channel 184 and 843. Both channels are free to air.

Life Coaching Television programs and Life Coaching Guided Meditations are available via monthly subscription at www.bedohavetv.com.  A complete selection of Life Coaching programs are also available for purchase on DVD.

I am pleased to announce the publication of my first book, Be Do Have TV Life Coaching Manual, which is available for purchase at Be Do Have TV or you can order it directly from Amazon.
You will enjoy working through this Life Coaching manual; this is a great contribution to life coaching programs and an essential book on your self discovery journey.

Be Do Have TV also offers private personal performance life coaching sessions, corporate life coaching sessions and life coaching retreats.

Our aim is to make life coaching available to all, therefore we keep our subscription costs at the lowest possible level. We also make programs available free of charge, to insure everyone gets the opportunity to participate in a life coaching program, which should ultimately help you to achieve your goals, reach your potential and change your life for better. 

For any further information please e-mail us at: info@bedohavetv.com

Subscription Fees:

Meditations 1 Month  £4 3 months  £10
2. Personal performance 1 Month  £12 3 months  £30
3. Relationship Coaching 1 Month  £4 3 months  £10
4. Health and Fitness 1 Month  £4 3 months  £10

I wish you all the best on your life changing journey. Enjoy the process of life coaching and transform your life today.

Petra Oblak
Life Coach & Be Do Have TV Founder

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